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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 10, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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on this program. also spout off anywhere in the world, o'reilly@fox wonder of the day, don't be vidous. thanks for watching us tonight. the spin stops right here, so definitely looking out for you. >> tonight controversy erupts after president obama embraces a rapper who once called for the death of innocent americans. he recently called the anointed one our lord and our savior, and now jamie foxx is under fire for joking about murdering white people. as the fiscal cliff draws near, the anointed one prepares for
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another hawaii megavacation. rudy giuliani and allen west are here to talk about the misplaced presidential priorities. and the deejays behind the royal nurse suicide break their silence. tonight on "hannity," our commander in chief embraces a rapper calling for the death of innocent americans. now practically everybody in america has heard about the gangnam style popular song by the rapper psy. listen. >> ♪ ♪ >> sean: very popular. while the youtube video has had
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more than 900 million hits, new information about the singer is emerging. back in 2004, the rapper performed a song entitled "dear american" with the lyrics, quote, kill those black yankees who have been torturing iraqi captives. kill those black yankees who ordered them to torture. kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law, fathers, kill them all slowly and painfully. now after must deserved outrage from you the american people the controversial psy was forced to issue an apology last week through his publicist, but it's too little too late. last night he performed at a christmas event at a washington charity that aired on tnt. watch this. >> ♪
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♪ >> all right. look who had a front row seat, none other than president obama and his family, but not only did our commander in chief sit through this anti-american's performance he was caught on camera shaking his hand. did no one, no one in the organization of the event, or our own president think ma maybe, just maybe, this was inappropriate. now the importance of this should not be understated or dismissed. well, why? let's imagine that the rapper called for the killing of a race of people. white, black, hispanic, asian. do you think for one minute that the president would allow himself to stand or be in the company of such a person, allow them to perform before him? on the other hand, what if the rapper talked about killing people of a particular religion? jews, hindus, christians, muslims? would the president be so forgiving. in this case psy is calling for the torturing and killing of americans, more specifically american soldiers and their family members. now the commander in chief is
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not going to stand up for our brave men and women in our military. that's pretty sad. now, if i recall, president barack obama apologized repeatedly for the amateur youtube video trailer that, remember, attacked the so-called prophet muhammad. >> although we had nothing to do with the video, we find it offensive. it's not representative of america's views. that's what we saw play out in the last two weeks, is a crude and disgusting video, sparking outrage throughout the muslim word. the united states government had nothing to do with this video. we understand why people take offense to this video because millions of our citizens are among them. >> now, could not condemn that lame youtube video enough, and turned out not to have anything to do with the attack on our consulate, but i prefer a president who stands up for america and the men and women fighting for his country. joining me is dennis prager and julie radinski is with us.
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it's crude, dusting, we had dis. kill those mothers, fathers, yankees, etc. why would the president hang without that person? >> first of all, he's not hanging out with him. you're being dramatic about this. he went to a fundraise fore sick children that presidents for the past 30 years have gone to. he did not invite psy to. >> excuse me. this guy has talked about killing the children, mothers -- >> for which he apologized. >> no, no. he said it through a publicist. >> yesterday he said it repeatedly. >> sean: half-hearted. >> i'm not suggesting that what he said was appropriate. what i'm saying is that obama had nothing to do with this. are you boycott an event for sick kids? >> sean: if psy had said the
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same thing about killing muslim children, and if he said the same thing about killing the children of a particular race, would -- wait a minute -- would obama have been there? that's the key. >> i think obama went there because he wanted to support sick kids. >kids. >> sean: you didn't answer my question. >> i suspect he would have been, but i don't know. >> i think we agree that he wouldn't have been. the question is, the guy apologized. when did he apologize? to me i want this to be a learning moment. 36,000 americans died in correia so that this guy could become a millionaire with a youtube and be free. and for him to have done that, i want him -- i want -- what i would love more than anything, more than the president boycotting the guy, say to the guy, i want you to go on a tour in correi korea compared to nora
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the hell hole on earth. >> sean: if this was a person that condemned a religion or race, this president wouldn't have shaken his hand, wouldn't be in the same room. the question i want to ask, why the double standard, dennis? this is about the president and our troops. >> when you compare those two, i think there is a double standard. i'm not saying he was wrong, but it is a double standard, you're entirely right. if the guy apologizes, i want to call him on it. i'd rather use this moment to tell the korean people that we've done for, died for them, than just punish this one guy. >> talk about a double standard, you have ted nugent, threatening to kill the commander in chief. >> sean: about the president of the united states. >> sean -- >> sean: i never said to boycott
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bill maher. >> are you saying we should boycott this guy? >> sean: if this guy talked about killing the children of muslims, juic jews or christian, expressed a racial sentiment, this president would have gone nuts -- >> this president did not acknowledge this guy. >> sean: he shook his hand. that's acknowledging. >> excuse me. a lot of people -- you know what, a lot of people, a lot of presidents, including your friend ronald reagan, have shaken the hands of people who wish ill upon america. >> sean: who? >> i don't know. the soviets for one. >> sean: shaking the hands of mikhail gorbachev is not the same thing. >> look, i think you think it in your heart. if the guy had said anything like that about any other group on earth he would --
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>> you're making assumption. let's look at reality. this is a fundraiser. >> sean: listen to what the president said about the youtube video, crude, disgusting. why didn't he stand up for his own country, stand up for his own servicemen, standing up -- he did not do it! >> yes, he did. he specifically saluted the troops. >> sean: he didn't stand up to this guy. >> the a fundraiser for sick kids, you want him to be -- >> sean: i wouldn't be in the same room for him. >> there's a lot of people that would have. >> sean: interesting what he chooses to condemn and what he chooses not to. >> i still want to send the guy on a tour of korea. >> sean: still to come, allen west says it's time to stop negotiating with the president. the colonel will be here. also, was he cheated out of his election? he says he might have been. then later, two of president obama's biggest supporters in hollywood are in some hot water
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sick considering the significant consequences of falling often the fiscal cliff, you'd think the president would have an interest in finding a solution to the crisis, however it's
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becoming increasingly obvious that something is standing in the way. what could it be? what is it that's preventing the president from negotiating or offering up meaningful concessions? it may be obama's arrogance. watch this. >> when you talk about the feeling at the white house, there's a palpable difference now compared to 2011, the summer of 2011. they are so much cockier at the white house a year and a half ago. you know, you come to us, we're not going to negotiate. we're not going to keep putting out more proposals. >> sean: my next guest argues that it's time for republicans to stop trying to cut through the president's arrogance, walk away from the negotiating table. i've been saying that on this program. in fact, congressman allen west recently told the great one, mark levin, that it's silly to work with someone that's a
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marksist socialist ideolog. colonel, i don't remember that you said marksist socialist before. >> when you sit down and look at the policies that have emanated from president obama, his administration, this entire class warfare rhetoric that we continue to hear is definitely a marxist theory, the nationalizing the healthcare industry, the dodd-frank with the financial industry, the automobile industry, what lisa jackson and the epa is doing to the energy sector, the national labor relations board, that's nationalizing it. the nanny state, economic fairness, economic patriotism, fairness and fair shot, those are type of policies and theories that are not consistent with a constitutional republic, definitely not consistent with our founding fathers, the type
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of people like that. we re-elected someone that went to $10 trillion to $16 trillion in debt. we've had an incredible earth-shattering numbers of americans in poverty, americans on food starches. we've seen a 32% in welfare spending. we've seen gas prices being exorbitantly high. he has every right to afeel arrogant and feel he'll never be held responsible. >> sean: i think republicans need to get over whatever their feelings over the election. they were elected too. i don't know one republican congressman -- correct me if i'm wrong -- that was sent there to support the president's agenda. when i vote for a congressman, i vote they'll represent my interests. so the question is, do you think -- you're still in the halls of congress -- that these republican leaders, are they going to be smart enough to shift it to where the direction
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of the debate needs to go, spending, or do you think they'll cave in? >> i don't think they're going to cave in, because i think that the republican conference is going to stand firm. you're absolutely right. when you think about this whole discussion about tax rate hikes, first and foremost, look at california where they've inched thincreased revenues taxes, andt have increased revenues. actually we're only talk about $80 billion to $85 million annually -- >> sean: 8 1/2 days. >> this is a gimmick. >> sean: let me ask you about comments you made to my buddy mark. i'm not going away because my opponent had to cheat to beat me. if we are going to save america, republicans are the only ones to stop obama's radical agenda on the economy. similarly, we need to know our
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elections are free and fair. you believe you were cheated in this election? >> well, i would just quote the supervisor of elections from st. lucie county. when they sent up the supervised results, they said they knew they had regulators in the certified results. the certified results they sent up to st. lucie county were different from the election night results. furthermore, a box of 306 ballots were not included in the certified results. as well as in palm beach county the supervisor of election extended early voting to a sunday, which was against the law that was supposed to have ended the early voting on saturday. no one was able to understand to track the absentee ballots issued out. so if we do not have integrity of our voting process, if the american people lose trust and confidence, we become nothing more than a zimbabwe, and you don't have the confidence in the
6:19 pm
government. >> sean: what is the future for colonel west? you served your country in the military. you served in congress. this was a close election. do you have any plans? you thinking about maybe running for elected office again? >> i'm not going to put that out there right now. we have many options and opportunities that come to us. my wife and our daughters will sit down after christmas and ponder over these things, pray about it, and we're going to make the best decision for us as a family, but also to continue to serve this great republic, going back to my father who served in world war ii, we've always been here for the american people. >> sean: colonel west, thanks for being with us. coming up, left wing actress jamie foxx and bill maher spreading venom, talking about killing white apple and white py williams. that's coming up tonight on "hannity."
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>> no surprise here. two big obama supporters in hot water for making wildly outrageous comments. jamie foxx referred to anointed one as our lord and savior.
6:24 pm
he appeared this week on "saturday night live" about his new mgvie. >> it's good to be black. black is the new white. how black is this right here? and in the movie, i have to wear chains. how welcom whack is that? don't worry about it. i get free, save my wife, kill all the white people in the movie. how great is that? >> sean: how great killing white people. really? chris matthews on nbc, i'd say dog whistle. fox is not the only one spewing venom. bill maher took to twitter over the weekend to talk about andy williams.
6:25 pm
it read, andy williams' christmas songs i wish i forget, i found out at the end of his life he was a tea bag idiot. is i have to accept that liberals can say anything. it could be racial, bigoted, hateful, and it's okay. is that just the way it's in america for now? >> this has been going on. it's tragic, because in hollywood, entertainment, this has become the norm. it's culturally acceptable. hollywood is very influential on people, on values, especially our young people. i think this is really harmful. i don't think this is good for our country. it's not good racially. >> sean: for you as a black woman, to be called any name in the book, there's no war on women, racism, it's okay. you suggest people google your
6:26 pm
name, and what's going to come up? >> absolutely. it's a double standard. i don't think hear from the congressional blackhawk caucus, jesse jackson, al sharpton, because it is a double standard. if you're not lockstep with that mind-set, you're different. >> sean: this is selective moral outrage. they don't care when they hear things -- >> i'm a liberal, and i get it from both sides. i watched the "saturday night live" monologue of jamie foxx. he was doing a spoof on how black is that. it reminded me of tomfoolery indaba fo forbafoonerery. in "living color" they spoofed races, stereotypes. they always play on stereotypes. that's what "saturday night live" does. they do it for blacks and no
6:27 pm
whites, but jamie foxx goes too far and says what he says on your tape, and that is that barack obama, you know, the lord and savior, if that's not blasphemy, forget about it, but one more thing about that, if he believes that, that's jamie foxx, but if ego statistical obama believes that, he can change his name from barack hussein obama to barack insane obama. >> sean: everyone is joining psy, becomes a multimillionaire, then we find out what he says about americans, killing them, their mother-in-law, their daughters, all this viciousness. considering obama was so outraged about the video that
6:28 pm
offended muslims, why would he be in the same room as this guy? that to me it's scary. >> it's insane. it's the hollywood culture. obama got money from bill maher, didn't return it. his daughters had photo ops this guy. the comments he made in 2004 against our military is outrageous. it's the hollywood culture, entertainment. people want to be entertained. they don't care about the moral values in this issue. >> sean: the pc culture is what? define it. >> what barack obama is. he's a celebrity. he goes on the soft puffy shows, and he dances and sings. that's a stereotype, doesn't it, but people love this. everyone loves this guy, because he's african american, he's hip and cool. there you have it. you have a person who likes celebrity, likes the media who
6:29 pm
likes people who are celebrities, and invites this guy to the white house. >> sean: and republicans are saying eat your spinach, balance your budget, and -- >> you don't have the fox news channel, they don't ask serious questions. >> we should be striving for racial unity. think about a team. you like football. just this weekend, the washington redskins, the two quarterbacks in competition for the head rg3 got injured, kirk cousins stepped up. it was a great game. they won the game. it's all about winning. >> that thing on jangle and chains -- whew. ray charles would have told him, you know, it was not jamie foxx that said bay area was our lord and savior, ray charles would have said it's not cool to drool
6:30 pm
in public. >> it's dangerous. very dangerous. >> sean: greatest rendition of ray charles. >> who happened to be republican, by the way,. >> sean: coming up, the fiscal cliff. we have an update what remains in washington, but now even bill clinton's former chief of staff admits the president's plan won't work, and he's calling for spending cuts. i'll get reaction from rudy giuliani as we continue. remember the two deejays in australia. they speak out tonight for the first time as they explained what happened with that hoax suicide straight ahead. ford c-max hybrid. when you're carrying a lot of weight, c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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6:35 pm
proposal simply will not work. ouch. take a look. >> spending is the biggest part of this problem. even if you raise the top rates back to the clinton rates, you know, that only creates about $400 billion over 10 years. that's $40 billion a year. we got a trillion dollar a year deficit. that alone won't solve the problem. we have to cut spending. we're going to have to do more. you know, we may not like it. you know, we may wish we didn't. we simply made promises we can't keep. we've got to face up to it and we've got to have a bold decision in order to make sure we put our fiscal house in order. >> sean: sadly we know all too well that cutting spending has become a foreign concept in america. a new congressional budget office report revealed that the federal government borrowed 46 cents of every dollar it spent this fiscal year. however that staggering number is not likely to sit well with an overwhelming number of men's. according to a brand-new george washington university poll 76% of those surveyed across america
6:36 pm
support across the board spending cuts. here with the very latest on the fiscal cliff showdown and america's fragile economy is the former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. how are you? >> how are you, sean? good to see you. >> sean: i just like to learn from people that have done successful things, you took how many people off of welfare when you were mayor? >> 600,000. >> what was the deficit when you became mayor? >> $2.3 billion. >> sean: and the debt? >> staggering. >> 600,000 off welfare, and -- >> we did it by my taking a report that asked me to raise taxes and throw in the garbage. the report said you have to raise taxes across the board. said nothing about reducing spending. i said to myself -- i wasn't an economic expert then. i became one after being mayor of new york. i said this doesn't make sense. if i raise taxes now, i have to do it again in two years, then four years, because i'm losing
6:37 pm
the tax base. people will leave. i'll try something different. i'll try to lower taxes, lower spending. i can't lower taxes too much at the beginning, but just a little bit, lower spending. i lowered taxes -- actually i think sean i lowered taxes than all the mayors combined by about $3 billion. three years into it we had a $3 billion surplus. nominee dropped from 10.5 to 6%. we had a city that was humming. that had a lot to do with it. erskine bowles is right. this is a spending problem. it's not a revenue problem. it's a total insane spending problem. the president's failure to put spending reductions on the table, even if he wants a few tax hikes, maybe somebody should negotiate with him, but only negotiate with him if you get real spending cuts. i would say, okay, if we're
6:38 pm
going to cave in at all on higher taxes, let it happen at the same time. we pass a bill, higher taxes, a lot more spending reduction, and it goes in effect in june when the spending reductions are done. we're not going to take it on the come, we're going to get it when it happens together. >> sean: if they do that, you know and i know the spending cuts aren't coming. what's frustrating to me. speaker boehner co-oped obama's language with raising taxes on the rich. i'm saying, wait a minute, there are things you can do. i thought there was a good piece in the "washington post" today, laying out five steps. stand your ground, go on offense, and pass your plans. >> yeah. one of the things we don't do is, we don't make the point that if we are going to do revenue enhancements, they must be in exchange for spending cuts and should happen together. we can no longer do spending
6:39 pm
cuts with promised reductions in spending that never happen. >> sean: why aren't we talking about the moral imperative? i think this is a moral imperative. we're borrowing 46 cents of every dollar. we're robbing our children and grandchildren. >> right. >> sean: why isn't that the debate that's front and center? everyone says we ought to raise taxes on the rich. that lasts 8 1/2 days a year. >> obama has co-oped the message, let's raise taxes on the rich, which actually brings very little money, does not solve the problem. it's a symbolic gesture rather a real gesture. the real gesture to be getting into medicaid and medicare. ess skin boles said it isn't spending in general, it's healthcare spending. that's the kay. >> sean: entitlements. >> a real program to reduce healthcare spending in exchange for some revenue increases, when you do both together, that would be something that would really
6:40 pm
help. >> sean: i'd like to save social security for further generations. they raided the lockbox. let me go back to the time you were mayor. i was on the radio in new york. you got hammered. you were satan in the minds of the "new york times," right? >> right. >> sean: but you stuck to your anyone else. you knew you were right, it could be better, but they beat you every day. you'd go into every neighborhood, whether people voted for you or not, you'd meet the press in new york, have fights with them every day. you were chris christie before he was chris christie. you took your message out and never backed down. >> the message was, i want to move yyu out of poverty. they've been trying for 30 or 40 years, and all they've been doing is locking you in dependency programs. i took all the people on welfare, instead of giving them welfare checks, i said if you want your welfare check, you have to come and work for me. for 20 hours a week. i want to get you back in the workforce. i want to revive the work ethic. i want you to help yourself
6:41 pm
rather than making you did not. these people have locked you into poverty, and they want to keep you there. >> sean: it worked. >> i want to give you a ladder out of poverty, a way out. >> sean: how did people respond in do you remember those meetings, those town halls? >> i do, i do. oh, boy. first couple years, responded terribly. yelling, screaming, people locking themselves with handcuffs to the -- we had to drag them out. three or four years later, when they were working, we took 600,000 people off welfare, 500,000 had jobs. we just didn't take them off welfare. i turned my welfare agency into an employment agency. i said my welfare workers, first thing i want you to do when somebody comes in for welfare, find them a job. explain why. we don't want to be mean or difficult, we want to help you. if you've fallen into dependency this is a bad thing for you. >> sean: isn't this a lesson for the republican leadership? i don't hear what you're saying from them. they won the election, too.
6:42 pm
>> right. >> >> sean: basically america voted for the status quo. >> right. >> sean: obama's president, republicans have the house. i'd like to see them take that message and say -- >> americans voted for a compromise, but the compromise is we may have to continue the compromise. some part of it is tax compromise. i hate that. the most important part of the compromise, they voted for spending reductions. what we're getting from obama, a tax increase. if you could have a balance of spending decreases of 2-1, 3-1, we could have a healthy economy. >> sean: mr. mayor, always good to see you. merry christmas, by the way. >> merry christmas. >> sean: coming up, president obama traveled to a detroit suburb earlier today and finderd up his labor union base about the right to work proposal. coming up, the tape about how liberals are trying to strong-arm their agenda into
6:43 pm
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." earlier today president obama traveled to a suburb of detroit and offered his two cents on the right to work proposals. despite the fact that over 73% of wayne county voted for obama in 2012, it's the liberal policies that this administration stands for that helped gut the struggling city. numbers don't lie. according to the bureau of labor statistics detroit has a citywide unemployment rate, get this, 18.9%. by the end of the 2013 fiscal year, the city is projected to have a deficit of $84 billion. a good time to veer away from the left wing policies that obama and big labor and detroit and beyond support. joining me now to debate this, the left wing forces responsible for gutting the struggling city, the president of the michigan freedom fund, greg mcneeley and the executive director of progress michigan, zach poll is
6:48 pm
with us. zach, let me ask you a question. 18.9%. the city is contemplating bankruptcy in detroit, along with a lot of other american cities. they're thinking of bulldozing neighborhoods, entire neighborhoods, to consolidate services. libig labor in the city. how is the possible that the liberal dream has failed so bad? >> first of all, thanks for having me, sean. cities all across michigan and across the are still struggling to find themselves out of this big hole we find ourselves in with the big recession. there's plenty of blame. >> sean: how many other cities are at 18.9%, contemplating bulldozing neighborhoods? how many other cities? >> there's plenty of challenges going around like the city of detroit. there's dramatic cuts to police and public safety in the city of
6:49 pm
detroit. >> sean: why did people leave? look, the democratic machine ran it into the ground. why can't you admit democratic policies have failed? this may be a preview of coming attractions to the country? >> sean, i'd ask you, i guess, to that same token to admit that the policies of this current republican administration have failed to a certain extent. >> sean: all right, whatever. let me go to mr. mcneily. i've watched this afar, because this is one of the great cities in america. last time i was there, almost every house is empty. and you see there's homes on the market for $1,000 everywhere over in detroit. do you want to buy an old house, a fixer-upper, you got your pick of them. >> sean, you're right. detroit has become a travesty. it's an embarrassment. we have over 50% of the adult population is illiteral functionally. it is a blight on america. it is sort of exhibit a in
6:50 pm
liberal policies that have destroyed this country. you can look at it in terms of social justice. issues like education choice and freedom in the workplace, which are social justice issues that have damaged that city because they've been denied those accountants. the more that detroit is allowed to crumble, the bigger shame it is for all of us. it's not about politics. it's not about blaming others. it's about principle. >> sean: to me it is about failed institutional, unholy relationship, labor and democratic party. labor gives them money, labor goes out and gets them elected, they build up deficits, labor gets big contracts. let me show you, for example, the americans for prosperity, they had a rally. listen to the labor protesters, typical he, we saw it all over wisconsin. watch how they react. >> [bleep]!
6:51 pm
[bleep]! >> zach, if you're not going to take on these unions and take on this machine, you might as well just write off a city like detroit. they're never going to recover. go ahead. >> no, absolutely not. what we're talking about here in michigan right now is this administration is making a power grab basically by trying to ram through the so-called right to work -- >> sean: how long has this administration been in power? >> two full years. >> they're responsible for detroit. all those homes were empty before they got there. all these unions had bankrupted these companies. all these car companies are leaving, going to foreign soil, going to southern states, where it's more reasonable and accommodating, they don't have the union influence.
6:52 pm
isn't that true? >> no, absolutely not. the industry has come back due to collective barring e bargaining. 200,000 more people in michigan are working in manufacturing thanks to collective bargaining. the president as you said was in redford today, a suburb of detroit, to announce 115 new manufacturing jobs. >> sean: keep living your dream, and they'll keep knocking down every building in town. thanks for being with us. those deejays break their silence about the suicide of the nurse.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
o. >> sean: new developments in the royal hoax that led to a tragic suicide across the bond. of you australian deejays have broken their silence three days after learning about the nurse's tragic death who answered their royal prank call to the hospital. it started tuesday of last week when the two shock jocks pretended to be the queen of england and prince charles looking for kate middleton's condition while being treated for her extreme morning sickness condition. >> could i please speak to kate, my granddaughter? >> yes. hold on, ma'am. >> thank you.
6:57 pm
>> kate, my darling, are you there? >> good morning, ma'am. how may i help you? >> hello. i'm just after my granddaughter, kate. i want to see how her tummy bug is going. >> she's had an uneventful night. things are good for her. as we speak, she's been getting fluids, dehydrated. she was quite dehydrated when she came in. >> sean: three days after she answered this call, she was found dead in an apparent suicide. the deejays, mel greid and michael christian are talking about the pranks for the first time. >> one of the guidelines as far as prank calls, were you draw the line in the sand, what's
6:58 pm
acceptable, what's unacceptable, what have you been told? >> it's not up to us to make that decision. we just record it. it goes to the other departments. i don't know what they do with it. we just do what we do, which is make those calls. >> prank calls or anything that makes it to air, there's a process. that's out of our hands. >> i don't think anyone could have foreseen where this would go. no one could have predicted this at all. it's just really tragic. >> sean: as expected, they are apologizing profusely for the tragedy, saying there's not a minute that goes by that they are not thinking about her family. watch this. >> how did you hear about her death? >> worst phone call i've ever had in my life. >> what was your immediate
6:59 pm
reaction? >> shattered, heartbroken, and obviously our deepest sympathies are with the family and friends of all those affected. you know, obviously incredibly sorry for the situation and what's happened, and, you know, they need love and support. personally i'm -- >> there's not a minute that goes by that we don't think about the family, what they must be going through, the thought we may have played a part in that is gut-wrenching. >> prank calls are made


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